Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Sacrificial Kale

I know, I know, Jim and I have really dropped the ball on this poor little cooking blog!  Now that it's the holidays and we'll both be temporarily unemployed, maybe we'll have more time to update. I do want to share a perfect Brazilified chocolate chip cookie recipe with you all soon.

But first I just want to share a quick cooking tip with you guys: I call it "the sacrificial kale."

All it is is a kale (couve) leaf under the chicken when you bake it. It keeps the bottom of the chicken from burning. Also, depending on your luck, your amount of oil/fat, and your cooking temperature, you might get some nice roasted kale out of it, too. Sometimes the kale is too burnt, but that's OK, because the chicken isn't.

As you can see, kale leaves are the perfect size for my glass baking dish. It makes for some extra yummy baked chicken!

That's all! That's the tip! Enjoy!